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Our Services

At Mèche Hair Lounge, we only offer the highest quality services for our valued guests. Take a look at our menu below to see the wide range of treatments available to you and Contact Us to book an appointment.

Cut & Style

Ladies style cut (1hr) ​


Ladies restyle (1hr 15)


Blowdry (45 min)

From $65

Advanced Foiling & Balayage

Partial foils (45min)

 From $120

Half head foils or balayage (1hr 15)

From $170

Full head foils or balayage (2hrs)

From $240

Touch Up

Toner one colour (30min)

From $70

Toner & roots shadow (45min)

From $80

Regrowth tint (30min)

From $110

Half regrowth tint (20min)

From $70

Gloss refresh (15min)

From $60


Deep hydrate (15min)


pH-Bonder #2 (15min)


Keratin smoothing

From $300


Mane event (4.5hrs - 5hrs)

Full head of foils

Gloss refresh

Hydration mask

Style cut & style

Recommended 1-2 times per year


Mane maintenance (3.4hrs - 4hrs)

Half head of foils
Gloss refresh

Hydration mask

Style cut & style

Recommended for every 6-12 weeks


Please note prices may vary depending on hair type, length and thickness. If you have regrowth of over 6-months or virgin hair, allow for more time and a small increase in price. Foiling and balayage prices include a pH-Bonder #1 and #2 treatment to help prevent hair damage throughout the colouring process while also maintaining your hairs' elasticity and strength.

Prior to every appointment, we offer a complimentary 15 minute consultation. 

"Kristie at Meche is so warm and welcoming and a total perfectionist who dedicates herself completely to me during my appointment. She doesn’t split time with other appointments or have someone else wash my hair. She is very honest about what will work for my hair and what won’t, and she will do the same for you too."

Tel: 0406 036 392


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